Lipreading Teacher Training Course

Would you make a good lipreading teacher?

Lipreading teachers work with people who are hard of hearing or deaf and want to communicate with speech. Lipreading teachers work with people who are hard of hearing or deaf and use spoken language.   The work of the lipreading teacher is outlined below on this page.

Why become a lipreading teacher?

Many deafened and hard of hearing people have found lipreading classes to be of great benefit. Lipreading classes can help people to develop lipreading and many other useful communication skills and tactics to use in difficult situations.

Lipreading classes are also friendly, supportive and informal, allowing people to share problems caused by their deafness and also tactics which they have found useful. Many people attending lipreading classes find that their confidence improves and that they become much less isolated.

Lipreading classes can help people who use hearing aids and cochlear implants to gain more benefit from them.

Lipreading teachers can provide information about useful equipment (for example for the television and telephone); statutory and voluntary services; and also national and local organisations.

Lipreading teachers need to have a mature outlook and a warm, caring and professional approach. They also need to acquire good communication skills so that they can communicate effectively and inclusively with people who have a hearing loss